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Atomic Energy Research Establishment

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Atomic Energy Research Establishment (AERE) is a major research set-up of Bangladesh Atomic Energy Commission (BAEC) for peaceful application of nuclear energy in various fields of physical, biological and engineering sciences. AERE came into existence in 1975 by the acquisition of 259 acres of land at Ganakbari, Savar which is about 40 km away from Dhaka City and about 4 km north of National Martyrs’ Memorial at Savar.

The AERE started its journey as a development project and its development at present stage has been achieved in phases. The first phase of development began with the commencement of research activities in 1981 at four of its research institutes and completed with the installation and commissioning of TRIGA MARK – II research reactor at the Institute of Nuclear Science and Technology in 1987. The second phase of development initiated in 1997 with the project entitled, ”Strengthening of Atomic Energy Research Establishment” which was completed in 2007. This initiative generated potential expansion both in infrastructure development and in upgrading of laboratory and other ancillary facilities in different Institutes/ Units. At present, ten research Institutes/Units are housed in AERE compound that are conducting research and development activities mainly by using peaceful application of nuclear energy and technology.

3MW TRIGA Research Reactor

Institutes and Units

The compound has a central cafeteria to cater the employee working here, a clinic to render health care services, a mosque for prayer and a school for the education of the children of the employees particularly to those who live in residential area of the compound. There are several clubs for the employees and their family members. There is also a VIP guesthouse inside the compound to provide accommodation facilities for the visiting scientists/researchers from home and abroad.

The AERE is administered by Director General (DG) while the Directors functions as the controlling authorities of the Institutes/Units. The Governing Body (GB) of the establishment is formed with the DG as the Chair together with the Directors of the Institutes/Units as well as senior-most Chief Scientific Officer/ Chief Engineer/Chief Geologist/ equivalent as members. The office of the DG has two branches, the Central Administration Division (CAD) and the Central Finance and Accounts Division (CFAD), to facilitate smooth functioning of his office.

Aims and Objectives

The primary aims and objectives set for AERE include fundamental and applied research in:

Radioactive Waste Management Unit

Major Research Areas

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