Central Engineering Facilities

Engineering Workshop Division (EWD)

Phone: 880-2-7790031


To fulfill the requirement of the Research and Development activities, this Division is giving services related to Workshop Engineering for Design, Development, implementation and maintenance of the infrastructures/ systems of the Atomic Energy Research Establishment



  1. Projects

    As mentioned above

  2. Services
    • Design and development of accessories for machineries required for research activities of different Institutes.
    • Machining and welding works required for repair-maintenance.
    • Preparation of work schedules and tender related works for new project implementation/ development works.

Major Facilities

The workshop is equipped with the following machines:

Lathe, Column Drilling Machine , Shaper18, Universal Milling Machine, Bench Grinding Machine, Drilling / Boring Machine 40mm, Universal Tool and Cutter Grinding Machine, Combination Shearing and Punching (32mm) Machine, Arc Welding Machine, TIG Welding Machine, Oxy-acetylene Gas Welding Set, Sheet Metal Cutting Machine 4feet., Sheet Metal Bending Machine 4feet, Hydraulic Press 60 tons, Electric Furnace, Power Hack Saw, Multipurpose Wood Working Machine Saw 300mm, Cut off machine 14, Spot Welding Machine etc.

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