Central Engineering Facilities

Mechanical Engineering Division (MED)

Phone: 880-2-7789617


To fulfill the requirement of the Research and Development activities, this Division is giving services related to mechanical engineering for Design, Development, implementation and maintenance of the infrastructures/ systems of the Atomic Energy Research Establishment.



  1. Projects

    Participated in the project” Establishment of Central Radioactive Waste Processing & Storage Facility, AERE, Savar, ” TRIGA reactor Decay Tank etc. reinstallation Project”

  2. Services

    Mechanical maintenance including repair-maintenance of air-conditioners, Utility services including water supply/ gas supply and repair maintenance of pumps and the complete water/ gas supply system. Painting works etc.

Major Facilities

Repair-maintenance facility, Painting facility, Vibration Analyzer and measurement instrument, Testing of tripping capacity of Circuit Breaker (1000amps) etc.

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