Energy Institute

Energy Institute

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Energy is the strategic input for sustainable development and the issue of energy security is considered like the individual security, social security and territorial security. Bangladesh Atomic Energy Commission (BAEC) is struggling on reinforcing its culture of innovation with unrelented commitment to face the energy challenges of the country. Energy Institute, the newly established institute in the Atomic Energy Research Establishment (AERE) has been started functioning to build a favorable infrastructure for sustainable energy research and to promote the technological know-how in both renewable and non-renewable energy fields.

The planned research and development activities are diverse and broad with the objectives to-

    Nuclear Reactor Engineering and Safety Research

Energy Institute gives the utmost priority to extend its full support to the development of appropriate infrastructure and skilled manpower in the field of nuclear reactor engineering. In this regard following programs are in progress in the institute to keep the researchers abreast with the current state-of-the-art nuclear reactor technology:

    Available Facilities
    Advanced Computational Tools


    TH and Safety : COOLOD, PARET, RELAP5/MOD4.0
    FP Inventory : ORIGEN2.1, MONTEBURNS2.0
    Simulator : PWR, BWR, CANDU, VVER
    Advanced Thermal Hydraulics and Safety Research Lab. (underway)


  Plasma Science and Fusion Research

    Ongoing and Future Research Activities...
    Theoretical and Computational Plasmas     Experimental Plasmas     Plasma Based Technologies
    Development of plasma cutter, sterilization system, surface coating system, plasma reformer, etc.

    Plasma Assisted Surface Technology

Energy Institute and Mieno Lab of Shizuoka University, Japan have agreed to sign a MoU for scientific collaboration. Under this MoU, the Mieno Lab will help setting up anexperimental facility, Plasma Assisted Surface     Technology (PAST) LAb, in Energy Institute to transfer technologies related to surface coating of metals, CVD, PVD etc., and coating evaluation.

    Renewable Energy Research

      Solar :For making solar energy an efficient, low-cost and large-scale source of energy production Energy Institute has plans to -

    Wind :The Institute aims to initiate following activities to utilize the power of wind:

     Hydrogen :

The future R&D activities will focus on hydrogen production and delivery, hydrogen storage, fuel cells, technology validation and safety assessment.

     Miscellaneous Sources :

The Institute has also plans to carry out research activities on other potential sources of renewable energy, such as, biomass, tidal, wave, geothermal and hydroelectric power.

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