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Computer Software Development Division (CSDD)

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Computer Software Development Division (CSDD) is one of the three divisions of Institute of Computer Science (ICS). The division pursues research and development activities in different areas of computer science. Academic activities including supervising research students are encouraged by the division. The division also offers consultancy and various IT related services. A separate laboratory has been established for the division in the unused counter block area of the mainframe computer.

Aims and Objectives

  1. To carry out research in the area of Information Technology.
  2. To publish online and promote research, development and other activities of BAEC.
  3. To investigate and develop knowledge-based systems.
  4. To develop software that meets scientific/computational need.
  5. To develop database systems for storing and processing scientific data.
  6. To discover important knowledge from databases and help decision-making.
  7. To facilitate paper-less administrative work in BAEC.


Carrying out research in different areas of computer science is highly appreciated by the division. Current research interests of the division include Data Mining, Data Warehousing, Databases, Scientific Computing, Internet Programming, Web Technology, Distance Learning, and Knowledge-Based System. Research students are most welcome to carry out their research at the division. The division encourage developing various need based systems too. At present demanding needs of the commission include developing web based services. The division also offers various information technology related services.


The division is carrying out research in different areas of computer science. Every year a number of research students complete their dissertation under the supervision of the scientists of the division. Recent research fields include Total Cost of Ownership, Cross-Platform UML Editor, SQL Tunnelling, Operational Risk Management, Aspect Oriented Programming, Predictive Analytics, etc. A number of scientific papers are published in reputed journals and conference proceedings. The division developed a number of need based systems include Bangla and English website for BAEC, a separate website for AERE, an Emails systems for the scientists of AERE, etc. A scientist of the division was associated in establishing a Technology Dissemination Cell in the Ministry of Science and Information & Communication Technology (MOSICT). Other then consultancy service, the division also provides web services like regularly publishing tenders, notices, recruitment results, etc. online.


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