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Institute of Computer Science

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The Institute of Computer Science (ICS) facilitates research, development, training, consultancy and a number of services in the area of Information and Communication Technology (ICT). The Institute was established in 1981 and in 1983 a mainframe computer, an IBM System 4341, was installed at the Institute. It was mainly used to provide vital computational and data processing services as well as train scientists and researchers at that time. Bangladesh now aims at building an ICT-driven nation comprising of knowledge-based society. The Institute of Computer Science intends to play a major role fulfilling the national goal by building knowledge-based BAEC.

The research and development activities of ICS are making steps towards building knowledge-based expert systems; managing and preserving high-level nuclear related knowledge of BAEC; developing software that meets scientific/computational need; developing database management systems for storing and processing nuclear data; discovering important knowledge from databases; facilitating paper-less administrative work in BAEC; supporting web-based nuclear education and training through regional networking; and building network infrastructure to promote and publish R&D as well as other activities.

The Institute persuades collaborative research work with universities and encourages academic activities including supervising graduate and post-graduate students. The Institute offers various ICT services including: implement and provide AERE Web and Email facilities; implement and support broadband Internet services; upgrade, disseminate and promote INIS Database services; assemble computers; and solve hardware and software related problems. The Institute also offers ICT training on a regular basis. The training and other facilities of ICS are available for BAEC personnel as well as external participants.

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Aims and Objectives

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  1. To advance in building scientific and knowledge-based BAEC.
  2. To undertake R&D programmes in the area of ICT.
  3. To collaborate ICT related R&D programmes of BAEC and other organization.
  4. To co-operate ICT related academic programme.
  5. To extend training facilities to BAEC and other organization.
  6. To provide ICT related services to BAEC and other organization.

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