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Institute of Electronics

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The peaceful applications of nuclear energy can only be ensured with the proper application of electronics. BAEC is dedicated for the successful implementation of the "Atomic Energy for Peace" programme in the country. On the basis of this objective, the Institute of Electronics with the required basic facilities was established in 1981 at AERE complex. A strong determination and motivation by a group of dedicated scientists/engineers with good backup from the concerned Authority is keeping everything on the track. The basic purpose of this undertaking is to develop an infrastructure for electronics, both nuclear and non-nuclear on a national scale and at the same time to create a good impact in human resource development.

Digital pH Meter


Aims and Objectives

Acquisition, development and application of sustainable technology in the field of Electronics and also to disseminate the acquired knowledge to enhance the impact on countries development.


Scintillation Survey Meter and Microcontroller Development Kit
  1. Design and development of Portable Radiation Dose Rate Meter,
  2. Design and development of Hand and Foot Radiation Monitor,
  3. Design and development of Area Radiation Monitor,
  4. Design and development of Scintillation Survey Meter,
  5. Development of Thyroid Uptake System,
  6. Design and development of Digital pH Meter,
  7. Design and development of Digital Soil pH Meter,
  8. Design and development of PC Based Humidity Monitor,
  9. Design and development of Microcontroller Based Traffic Light Control System,
  10. Design and development of Three Phase Monitor,
  11. Design and development of Drop-Out-Relay,
  12. Laboratory Bench Power Supply,
  13. Installation of Nucleonic Control System (NCS) at Karnaphuly Paper Mills Ltd. Chandraghona, Rangamati to control Basis Weight and Moisture percentage,
  14. Upgrading of Gamma Camera used in different Centers of Nuclear Medicine and Ultrasound of Bangladesh Atomic Energy Commission, etc.
Area Radiation Monitor and Digital Frequency Counter

Publication by the Institute

  1. IE-22/RM-2, September 2007, "Design and Development of Microcomputer Based Humidity Monitor." Mohammod Abu Sayid Haque, Humayun Kabir, A. S. M. Firoz, Prof. Md. Abdul Mannan Chowdhury, Fahmida Akter and Farhana Hafiz.
  2. IE-21/GE-12, March 2007, "Design and Development of High Voltage Power Supply for Area Radiation Monitor." Fahmida Akter, Farhana Hafiz, Mohammod Abu Sayid Haque, Md. Serajul Islam and Md. Rajibur Rahman Khan.
  3. IE-20/GE-11, March 2006, "Design and Development of a 15V, 2A regulated DC power Supply with over-voltage & over-current protection", Mohammod Abu Sayid Haque, Fahmida Akter and Farhana Hafiz.

VLSI Laboratory

A project "To set up a centre of excellence for the development of Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI) Technology in Bangladesh" under Annual Development Program (ADP) of the Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh has started on 2006-07. This is the facility first time to be built in Bangladesh to open the new horizon in microelectronics and to develop manpower in this field.

Seminar and Library

Though there is a central library at AERE campus a library with moderate number of books, journals, periodicals, etc. is to provide in-house support to the scientists, engineers and researchers. At present there is only paper based collection but there is a plan to setup a digital section which will have collection of electronic copies of books, Journals, documents, etc. Seminar and lecture program are regularly held in the institute to disseminate the gained knowledge by the scientists/engineers and to be acquainted with the recent activities around the world related to the institutes activities.

Scientific Store

Scientific store provide support to the technical activities through supplying components, tools, instruments, etc. used in the research, development and production works run by the scientists, engineers and researchers of the institute. Designed, developed and manufactured instruments, system, etc. are stored here to sell to the user within and outside BAEC. At present there exists paper based management of the activities but there is a plan to modernize and computerize the store management system.

Citizen Charter

  1. Design, development, modification and upgrading of electronic and nuclear equipment and the laboratory scale production of those for sale.
  2. Providing expert services for repair, maintenance and installation of nuclear and classified electronic equipment.
  3. Manpower and industrial attachment training course for the students of various polytechnic institutes, colleges and universities.
  4. Academic activities in the form of supervision of thesis work and project work for University students.

Price list of few instruments designed, developed and manufactured in the institute

Sl. No. Name of the instruments Price(in Taka)
Hand and Shoe Contamination Monitor
Area Radiation Monitor
Portable Dose Rate Meter ( For Academic Institutions only )
Digital PH Meter
Digital Soil PH Meter
DC Power Supply (Dual)
DC Power Supply (Single)
High Voltage Power Supply
AC Voltage Stabilizer (1000VA)
AC Voltage Stabilizer (500VA)
Drop Out Relay( Model-B)
Function Generator
Frequency Counter
Repair & Maintenance (Primary level had been fixed up & then depends on the level of works)
Depend on the type of assignment
Authority reserves the right to make any change without prior information to end users.

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