Institute of Food and Radiation Biology

Gamma Source Unit (GSU)

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To promote exporting of food stuffs, agricultural and medical products. To use of radiation technology for R & D work, research, medicine, industry and healthcare. To ensure Sterility Assurance Level (SAL).


Irradiation services are given to the Government and private sectors for research and developmental activities. Gamma Source Division renders irradiation services to the agencies both Government and private sectors for sterilizing medical devices and hospital supplies, maternity kits, gloves, pharmaceutical products, plastic packages, plastic based materials, tissue grafts, bone grafts, empty ointment containers, antibiotic, enzyme and bio-fertilizer commercially.


Gamma Source Division is an income generating source for IFRB of BAEC. This division providing irradiation services to the private pharmaceutical companies and different national research institutes in the field of sterilization of medical products, tissue grafts for improvising medical ficilities and food items for safe food supply and increasing export qualities. This division earned Tk.- 25,37,315/- (Twenty five lack thirty seven thousand three hundred fifteen ) since installation (2000).

Service Rendered

The different Institutes and Divisions of BAEC including IFRB and the other different research organizations of Bangladesh including most of the universities are using the gamma source for irradiation of their research samples. The samples irradiated by Co60 gamma irradiator were Bone graft, amnion graft, extracted D.D.T. samples, hydrogel, polythene, acrylicacid, alginate film, natural polymer, rubber latex, jute composite, gelatin film, starch film, plastic sheet, silk worm egg, insect larvae, fruit fly larvae, pupae, wood block, mushroom, chitosan in plastic container, grape, ceramics, bulb of tuber rose etc. Besides R& D works, the division rendered services to the different companies by using gamma irradiator . The radio sterilized products were family planing kits, cotton, gauze, thread, plastic based materials, equipment, single time use disposable kits, empty eye drop/ointment container, enzymes, antibiotic, surgical instrument, spirulina tablet & capsules and so on. The sterilization dose is provided according to the IAEA standard for commercial samples.

During this period, the source operated on 1407 times and the duration was 2346 hrs for commercial samples and 536 times and duration 491 hrs for research samples.

Major Facilities

5o kCi Co60 Gamma Irradiator, Laminar flow bench, Water distillation plant, Spectrophotometer, Electronic balance, Microwave oven etc.

Perspective Plan

To develop facilities for Microbiology and Dosimetry laboratories.

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