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  1. Microbiological investigation of radiation sterilization of medical products
  2. Use of radiation, heat, low temperature and their combination for controlling food borne pathogens.
  3. Application of nuclear and biotechnological processes for conversion of agro-wastes into value added products.
  4. Microbial control of environmental pollution and determination of alternative microbial indicator.



  1. Radiation sterilization and quality control of medical products.
  2. Bioconversion of cellulosic and other residues to different useful products through saccharification and liquid/solid state fermentation.
  3. Extraction of chitin from shrimp wastes and its conversion into chitosan.
  4. Microbial control of industrial waste chemicals.
  5. Development of appropriate technology for shelf life extension of different perishable food items e.g. fish and fishery products, poultry and other meat products.


  1. A dose of 28 kGy for majority of the medical products studied was found to be suitable for achieving complete sterilization with a Sterility Assurance Level of 106.
  2. Radiation stability and safety study of some pharmaceutical raw materials have been completed.
  3. Shelf life of some selected fish and fishery products has been extended using radiation, low temperature, heat and their combination.
  4. Radiation doses have been determined for elimination of pathogenic microbes like Salmonella, Vibrio, Aeromonas from fish and frog legs.
  5. Convenience food (ready to eat) with increased shelf-life and hygienic quality has been developed using radiation and other treatments.
  6. Microorganisms associated with some of the spices, animal and poultry feed have been identified and radiation doses of 5 to 8 kGy were determined for elimination of the pathogenic microorganisms.
  7. Nutritionally improved animal feed has been developed by upgrading agro-wastes using radiation and solid state fermentation processes on a laboratory scale.
  8. Lactic acid fermentation for development of fermented food and vegetables has been completed.

Major Facilities

  1. Autoclave.
  2. Laminar bench.
  3. Spectrophotometer.
  4. Centrifuge.
  5. Microscope.
  6. Shaking incubator.
  7. Top loading balance.
  8. Dry heat oven.
  9. Deep freeze.
  10. Hot plate magnetic stirrer.
  11. Vortex mixture.
  12. Water distillation set.

Perspective Plan

  1. Radiation processing of natural polysachharides for conversion into value added products.
  2. Use of genetically engineered microbes for industrial application and control of environmental pollution.



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Academic Training

Every year students from different universities receive research facilities and guidance to complete their M. Sc, M. Phil and Ph D level thesis.

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