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Isotope Hydrology Division (IHD)

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Isotope Hydrology Division works in the following main themes:

  1. Investigations in surface-water and groundwater: their origin, dynamics, interrelations;
  2. Problems and techniques for investigating sedimentation;
  3. Water resources issues: pollution, source and transport of contaminants;
  4. Determination of groundwater parameters by single-well dilution and multiple-well dilution technique using groundwater parameter testing instrument;
  5. Studying the recharge mechanism of groundwater dynamics and hydraulics and relationship between different aquifer systems through the application of isotope techniques; and
  6. Isotope data interpretation and evaluation methodologies: modelling approaches.



  1. Studies on Sand and Silt Movement in Chittagong Harbor by Radioactive Tracer Techniques (BGD/8/004)
  2. Geological Survey and Brief Study in the Shallow Water Areas of the Bay of Bengal.
  3. Studies on use of Isotope Techniques for Mitigating Arsenic contamination in Groundwater
  4. Studies on use of Isotopes in Dam safety and Dam sustainability
  5. Isotopic Sampling for Resource Assessment and Monitoring of Water Supply Resources for Dhaka City Project
  6. Sampling and Isotopic Analysis of Groundwater in Coastal belt - under the frame work of Bangladesh Arsenic Mitigation Water Supply Project (BAMWSP) financed by World Bank.
  7. Studies on Groundwater Resources of Nawabganj Thana, Dhaka District
  8. Use of Isotope Techniques to Groundwater contamination studies in Urbanized and Industrial Areas

Major Facilities

  1. Groundwater Parameter Detection/Testing Instrument (Model FDC-250A) using the radioisotope tracer: Measuring device for flow direction and other groundwater parameters
  2. Isotope tracer injector and water borne detector; equipment for sediment studies
  3. Neutron probe and its accessories; measuring device for soil moisture and density,
  4. Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer (AAS), Total Organic Carbon (TOC) Analyzer, Flame Photometer, Microwave Digestion System (MDS), UV-VIS double beam Spectrophotometer, BOD & COD Analyzer for complete hydrochemical analyses
  5. Electro-Chemistry Analyzer; For measuring pH, DO, Electric Conductivity, Redox Potential and Temperature etc.

Perspective Plan

  1. different industrial pollution through the application of single dilution and multiple Groundwater studies in the arsenic prone area and also in the area contaminated by dilution technique,
  2. Mathematical models for the interpretation of environmental radioisotopes in groundwater systems and predicting the contaminant transport in the aquifer.
  3. Modelling of flow dynamics in layered groundwater system – comparative evaluation of black box and numerical approaches.
  4. Simulation of groundwater age distributions.
  5. Studies of leakage through the dams and reservoirs by isotope techniques, and simulate the leakage flow, predicting the probable direction of leakage and evaluating the protection strategies by numerical modelling

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