Hydrogel for burn applications

( This is technology under development , and very little development effort is required to perfect the protocol; much of the work has been done already, the technology may then be handed over after suitable paperwork between the concerned parties )


Hydrogels for wound dressing: Hydrogels are three-dimensional cross-linked hydrophilic polymeric materials that swell many folds in the aqueous environment. They are capable of donating moisture to the wound for faster and clean healing. These materials have promising applications in wound dressing, drug delivery system etc. The advantages of Hydrogels prepared by radiation technique over gauze dressing are, (i) faster healing rate, (ii) easy to change, (iii) no remnant dressing after removal, (iv) comfort feeling during use etc.

Medically applicable Hydrogels have been developed at the laboratories of ‘NRCD by radiation processing. These are auto sterilized in the process of production.


It is used like any other bandage with the additional advantages as mentioned above

Hydrogel in trays

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