Radioisotope Production Division

Radioisotope Production Division produces 99Mo/99mTc-generator and 131I solution every week. for diagnostic medical uses. (nuclear medicine )

Tc-99m Radioisotope

Technetium-99m Radioisotope is the work horse in nuclear medicine since many years and more than 80% of the nuclear medical diagnostic procedures depend on this single isotope. Technetium-99m, thanks to its unique features, decay half time 6.02 hours and radiation energy 140.5 KeV- is widely applied in medical diagnostics. It is used as i.v. injection as well as oral solution to study vital organs and organ system like brain, bone, liver, kidney, heart, renal system etc.

99Mo/99mTc generator is a system, which contains the long-lived parent radionuclide 99Mo that decays to the short-lived daughter 99mTc that is used in preparing the desired radiopharmaceuticals.

Radionuclide Generator 99Mo/99mTc together with accessories is intended to produce sterile, non pyrogenic and isotonic saline solution of sodium pertechnetate Na99mTcO4. Elute from radionuclide generator 99Mo/99mTc is used as solution of sodium pertechnetate Na99mTcO4, either directly for injection or for labeling of radiopharmaceutical kits. Elute meet the requirements of the European Pharmacopoeia.

A computer controlled on-line sterile filtration and loading system for production of 99Mo/99mTc generator has been developed at RIPD and used in the production plant. This plant is capable of producing 50 generators (15GBq) per batch and this generator production facility complies with the cGMP for radiopharmaceuticals.

Specification of the 99Mo/99mTc Generator Eluate
Eluate - sodium pertechnetate Na99mTcO4 in saline solutionSterile, non-pyrogenic and isotonic
γ-ray energy0.140 MeV
Radiochemical purity (content of 99mTcO4-)>98%
Radionuclidic impurity 99Mo<0.01%
Chemical impuritiesAl < 10 µg/ml
Mo < 10 µg/ml
Heavy metal < 10 µg/ml
pH4.5 - 7.5
Elution yield90% - 110% of nominal activity, eluted in the first 4 ml of eluate
Bacterial endotoxinsBelow USP Limit

Expiry Date: The RIPD Generator can be used up to 14 days after the calibration date.

I-131 Radioisotope

I-131 is produced by irradiating TeO2 target in the 3MW TRIGA Mark-II Research Reactor. Te-130 (natural abundance 33.4%) captures neutron to produce 131Te, which transforms into 131I by beta emission.

Iodine-131, with a half-life of 8.02 days, is used for diagnosis and treatment of thyroid diseases. This isotope is widely used for thyroid cancer therapy.

Quality parameters & specification of I-131 solution
Compound: Na 131I in buffer solutionApplication: Oral
Specific activity: No carrier addedRadionuclidic Purity (>99.9%): >99.9
Radiochemical Purity (>95%): > 95%pH (7-10): 9
Other radionuclidic impurity such as 95Nb, 95Zr,133I etc. (<1 µCi/mCi) : <1 µCi/mCiPacking: 3KT
Visual appearance: Clear and colorless solution

Production & Distribution of Radioisotopes

RIPD produces 17~20 99Mo/99mTc generators per week and distributes to the 14 Nuclear Medicine Centers all over Bangladesh operating under Bangladesh Atomic Energy Commission and also to some private hospitals like Apollo, Popular etc.

RIPD also produces ~1 Ci (Curie ) of I-131 solution for supplying to the above mentioned Nuclear Medical centers.

Cost of the Products
IsotopeActivityCurrent price
99Mo/99mTc generator10 GBQ (Giga Becquerel )US $ 500.00
99Mo/99mTc generator15 GBQUS $ 600.00
Iodine-131Per mCi (upto 30 mCi)US $ 4.00
Iodine-131Per mCi (above 30 mCi)US $ 3.00

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