Radioactive Waste Storage, Conditioning and Disposal


Radioactive sources ( radioactivity obtained by man made materials ) are used worldwide in medicine, industry and research for a wide range of applications. At the end of their useful life usually 5-15 years the radioactive sources are termed as "spent" or "used up". Most of these waste (spent sources ) are to some extent radioactive.

They are thus potential sources of radiological impact; both radiation workers and members of the public who may be exposed if the spent sources are released into the environment.

Radioactive waste may occur in any of the 3 physical forms solid, liquid and gas. Storage nd disposal methods will vary according to the form of the waste, the radio nuclides present ( i.e the half life), their concentration and radio toxicity.

AERE has a Central Waste Processing and Storage Facility, where user from the commerce and industry can ask AERE to provide the service of indefinite storage . This is again done at a cost . the cost of storage space and others. The rate is given in the list below.

1Radioactive materials, nuclear materials For waste disposal
a. Storage for 50 years 2,67,258.50 / m3
b. Conditioning: SS drum, Cementation Stone and gravel 15000.00 per drum
c. Final Disposal20,000.00 per drum
d. Transportation costBorne by Applying institution
2Leakage / Wipe Test of Radioactive Materials2000.00 per unit
3Contamination / De contamination related work5000.00 per unit
4Radiation surveying / monitoring of institutes Using ionizing radiation producing equipment / sources 2000.00 per unit source
5Expert service fee of Scientists
a. CSO/ Equivalent1300.00
b. PSO/ Equivalent1040.00
c. SSO / Equivalent 780.00
d. SO / Equivalent 650.00
e. Others 375.00

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For more information on radiation protection in medical diagnostic X ray, radio therapy and Nuclear medicine, The following regulatory Guides may be referred.

  1. Regulatory guide on Radiation protection in Medical Diagnostic X Ray . Jointly Sponsored by Bangladesh Atomic Energy Commission and WHO. Regulatory Guide Series No NSRC-XR-G-01. ISBN 984-32-0671-1
  2. Regulatory Guide on Radiation Protection in Nuclear Medicine. Jointly Sponsored by Bangladesh Atomic Energy Commission and WHO. Regulatory Guide Series No NSRC-NM-G-01. ISBN 984-32-0659-2.
  3. Regulatory guide on Radiation Protection in Radiotherapy. Jointly Sponsored by Bangladesh Atomic Energy Commission and WHO. Regulatory Guide Series No NSRC-RT-G-01. ISBN 984-32-0658-4

The above guides may be had from Nuclear Safety and Radiation Control Division (NSRC), Bangladesh Atomic Energy Commission, Dhaka 4, Kazi Nazrul Islam Avenue, Dhaka. ( near Bangla Academy )

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