Analytical and other Services & Products available at

Atomic Energy Research Establishment


Broad outline based on Procedures, Products, Services or Equipment
  1. Gamma Irradiation Services (gamma sterilization)
  2. Elemental Analysis by chemical/conventional methods
  3. Chemical analysis by nuclear methods (Neutron Activation Analysis, NAA)
  4. Water Analysis
  5. Arsenic determination
  6. Pesticide Residue Analysis
  7. Radiation Sterilized Tissue Allografts
  8. Rubber, latex and related materials analysis
  9. Radioactive materials storage, conditioning and disposal
  10. Calibration and standardization of Instruments in dosimetry laboratory


  1. Medical Isotopes for diagnosis and treatment (I131 Iodine, Technetium)
  2. Electronic Products developed at AERE
  3. Amnion Tissue graft for burn patients and bone grafts
    • Freeze dried Amnion membrane allograft
    • Cryopreserved amnion membrane allograft
    • Freeze dried Bone Allograft (chips, block, dowel)
    • Freeze dried Demineralized Bone Matrix/Granules
    • Cryopreserved Massive Bone Allograft


  1. Jute Reinforced Plastic of various compositions and various uses
  2. Rubberised Jute Cloth
  3. Hand gloves etc from radiation vulcanized natural rubber latex
  4. Citric acid technology with particular strain of bacteria developed
  5. Tissue Graft Preparation and Preservation for Safe Clinical Use from human/animal origin


  1. Hydrogel for burn applications
  2. Biomaterials Production for Medical Use
  3. Chitosan for medical and other uses

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