Tissue Banking is a procedure in which different parts of human beings like bone, amniotic membrane, skin, tendon, ligaments, fascia-lata, dura mater etc. are processed and preserved in a special method for use again if and when required. Rehabilitative surgery enables an injured or disabled person to a normal life. In modern treatment blood bank, eye bank, kidney bank and tissue bank have brought about a revolutionary change in medical science.

The utilization of tissues and organ of human as well as animal origin for transplantation has been in practice for a long period of medical history. Human tissues (amniotic membrane, bone, skin, tendon, ligaments, fascia-lata, dura mater etc.) are collected from live or deceased donors, processed in the tissue banking laboratory, sterilized, preserved and supplied to hospitals for use in reconstructive surgery. The entity, which performs these activities, is designated as Tissue Bank.

The use of radiation sterilized tissue allografts in rehabilitative surgery has restored normalcy to lives of many patients with degenerative defects, congenital defects, traumatic and other wounds. The banking of human tissues for clinical use is currently being continued with much impetus and scientific research on different aspects of human tissue processing and preservation are being conducted at the Tissue Banking and Biomaterial Research Unit, Atomic Energy Research Establishemnt, Savar, Dhaka. Types of tissue allograft processed and their scope of clinical application in reconstructive surgery are given below :

Technical issues

Human tissues are procured and preserved by radiation sterilization for safe clinical use in reconstructive surgery. Some of the service provided are mentioned below. Radiation sterilized amnion allograft are processed and stored in this institute and used in burn and plastic surgery – burn ( superficial, mixed burn, , electric burn, acid burn ), leprotic ulcer, bedsore, donor site reconstruction, vaginoplasty, and abdominal wall reconstruction traumatic open wounds and other skin wounds.

Radiation sterilized and cryo preserved amnion allograft are processed and stored in this Institute for distribution on doctor`s reference: This is used in eye surgery- chemical burn, pterigium corneal ulcer , cornea transplantation, limbal cell deficiency Freeze dried radiation sterilized bone allograft / deep frozen (-80 C ) Massive bone allograft are prepared here and used in in orthopaedic and spinal surgery, traumatic bone loss, cystic bone lesion of the bone tumor , THR, orthodesis, TB spine , congenital deformity and other orthopaedic and spinal defects.

Description of Tissue AllograftsScope and clinical application
1Freeze dried /Oven dried radiation sterilized amnion allograftBurn and Plastic surgery : Superficial burn, first & second degree burn, electric brun, acid burn, Leprotic ulcer, Bedsore, Traumatic open wound, Diabetic wound, Donor site reconstruction, skin abrasion, abdominal wall reconstruction, etc.
2Cryopreserved (sterilized) amnion allograftEye Surgery: Chemical burn, limbal cell deficiency, pterygium / tumour removal site, corneal ulcer, cornea transplantation etc.
3Freeze dried radiation sterilized Bone Allograft (Cancellous chips, block).Orthopaedic & Spinal Surgery : Traumatic bone loss, bone fracture, gap non-union, bone tumors , total hip replacement (THR), total knee replacement (TKR), arthrodesis, scoliosis, tuberculosis of spine, posterior spinal fusion, congenital deformity correction etc.
4Deep Frozen (-80 0C) radiation sterilized Massive Bone Allograft (Whole, proximal, distal part or shaft of femur, tibia, fibula, radius, ulna, humorous etc.)
5Freeze dried radiation sterilized demineralized bone allograft (granules /bone matrix)Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery: Dentoalveolar surgery, pre-prosthetic surgery, periodontal defects, maxillofacial trauma, dental cyst/tumor surgery, etc.

Since the outset of this research programme 51000 radiation sterilized tissue allografts (amnion & bone) have been prepared and 4900 different types of patients have been treated successfully without any complication. More than 250 surgeons/physicians of 85 different hospitals/clinics are associated with the research programme of this unit.

Tissues are given to the patients on doctor`s reference at very nominal processing costs.


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